Bicycle Maintenance & Repairs

For Bicycle Maintenance & Repairs, Please Make an Appointment with us to deposit your bike.

  1. We only provide Bicycle Maintenance  & repairs on bikes sold by us.

  2. We will not provide any form of Bicycle Maintenance and repairs on DAHON or other products that are bought from unauthorised sellers or unknown sources as these products are considered defective or counterfeits as mentioned by the manufacturer. 

  3. Kindly NOTE that the Bicycle Warranty does not cover Bicycle Maintenance & Repairs and will be under the Bicycle's owner own expenses as mentioned by the manufacturer.

  4. Strictly No Bicycle Maintenance and Repairs for bikes on weekends & Public Holidays.

  5. Please NOTE that we will not install any components & parts not sold by us.

  6. We will only attend to the bike in its original condition & specification when sold to the customer.

  7. If problem arises after modifications or repair work are done to the bicycle by untrained or unauthorised technicians, warranty may be voided by the manufacturer. We reserve the right to reject any form of repairs or Bicycle Maintenance or repairs on the bicycle.

  8. For Repair work, please note that we will only carry out the work subject to the availability of spare parts original spare parts and key components from the manufacture. The Duration of wait may be dependent on the arrival of certain spare parts and key components if needed.

  9. We will not provide any form of Bicycle Maintenance or repairs on bikes that are neglected in a way where various Bicycle Maintenance or repairs will not help the bike.

  10. In the event, if spare parts and key components of comparable quality to the original manufacturer are available for use by another manufacturer, we will use them in lieu of repair work.

  11. We will not be held liable for any damages to accessories, components, and other related items not purchased from us on the bike when the bike is brought to us before, during, and after Bicycle Maintenance or repairs are carried out

  12. Please NOTE that we will not do modification work that deviates from the manufacturer's original specification when the bicycle is sold to the customer unless it is necessary for the customer's safety for repair work.

  13. Basic Charges Apply.

  14. Payment must be made before work is carried out.

Bicycles are similar to people; when a person feels ill or unwell, it is strongly advised to schedule an appointment with a Doctor for diagnosis or Yearly Checkup. Similarly, if an issue arises with the bicycle unexpectedly, Please Make an Appointment with us for diagnosis, tuning & checking for your bike.(Charges, T&C Apply)
    • Basic Charges for Diagnosis, Tuning & Checking will be from $30 onwards for the first 6 months from the purchased date as stated on the receipt.
      (Charges vary depending on the job scope)
    • After the first 6 months of purchased, basic charges will be from $60 onwards for Diagnosis, Tuning & Checking.
      (Charges vary depending on the job scope)
    • The basic charges do not include labour, change of parts & components or component replacement.
    • Additional charges apply on top of the basic charges if Alignments, Servicing, Repairs, Component replacements or labour are needed. This falls under Bicycle Maintenance or repairs.
    • Please Make an Appointment with us before coming down for Bicycle Maintenance or repairs
    • Strictly no Bicycle Maintenance or repairs on Weekends & Public Holidays. 
    • Please note that the bicycle warranty does not cover labour charges.
    • Some Examples of Common issues which require Bicycle Maintenance or repairs.
      • Flat Inner Tube.
      • Bike Tuning.
      • Brake Alignment.
      • Brake Adjustments
      • Joint Checking & Adjustments.

Annual Maintenance on Other Bikes Sold by us

  • If needed, Basic Servicing from $60 onwards includes Diagnosis, Tuning & Brakes Alignment & Joint checking only. Charges vary depending on the job scope.
    • Diagnosis does not include parts or component replacements, installation, Joint adjustments, or any other issues as these are additional services.
  • If needed, additional services are charged separately.
  • Applies to bikes within the warranty period or expired warranty.
  • These charges do not apply to second-hand bikes.

Please Note that Annual maintenance only applies to bikes purchased after the first 6 months IF NEEDED!!!

Second Hand Bikes will require a basic charge from $120 onwards for Diagnosis & Joint checking. This charge will not include any Tuning, Adjustments, Alignments, Repairs & parts, and components replacement services.

PLEASE NOTE that there will be NO instant or Urgent Service.
Servicing and Repairs will be ranging from at least 3 days or more.
The receipt must be shown upon the bike deposit. We will not provide any Services for bikes without receipt.

Kindly NOTE that all Bicycle Maintenance and Repairs will not extend or reinstate the Warranty of the bike.

***Terms & Conditions for Servicing & Repairs***

  • Strictly No Bicycle Maintenance or repairs on weekends.
  • We only work on bikes sold by us.
  • Walk-in requests will not be accepted, strictly by appointment. We will not work on bikes that have been neglected where servicing will not help bike. Eg, rusty components, extremely dirty, etc........
  • We will not work on bikes that have been neglected where servicing will not help bike. Eg, rusty components, extremely dirty, etc........
  • Warranty will be voided if Bikes are neglected or use in a manner, not within the manufacturer's recommended use.
  • The bike must be in its original specifications and condition sold by us without any modifications, adjustments, adding additional weight beyond maximum specification, done personally or by other bike shops. We will not be liable if issues arise. 
  • Charges for Tuning, Adjustments, Alignments, Servicing, Repairs vary depending on the job scope.
  • Additional Diagnosing fees will be charged if the bike had been modified, we have the right to reject repairs depending on the seriousness of the issue.
  • Our staff will do an assessment on the bike and payment will be collected before work is carried out. 
    • The servicing and repair scope does not cover parts and component replacements.
    • Additional charges might incur if there are certain unforeseen issues that are found during the servicing or repairing process. We will contact the customer on the additional charges and payment for the additional charges will be made during the agreed bike collection date.
    • Wear & Tear items, component damages, movable parts are not covered in the warranty.
    • Labour fees & components will be charged for replacements.
    • After servicing and repairs, there will be no warranty period from us on the whole bike, parts and components, damages or other related issues arise.
  • We will not be liable for any loss or damaged accessories, components and other items which are installed on the bike when brought back to us for Bicycle Maintenance or repairs.
  • If agreed upon, Installing of components and accessories not sold by us will be charged with labour fees. We will not be liable for any components & accessories loss or damages before, during and after the installation process.
  • There will be no extension of the warranty period on bikes before, during & after the Bicycle Maintenance or repairs process.
    • Applies to bikes within the warranty period or an expired warranty.
  • There will be no warranty period for Bicycle Maintenance or repairs.
  • For Second-hand bikes owners, Tuning, Adjustments, Alignments, Repairs & parts and component replacements will be charged accordingly on top of the basic charge for second-hand bikes.
  • After the bike deposit with us, the bike owner agrees to our terms & conditions.

Deposits for Pre-Order are Non-Refundable.
All bikes & products sold are not returnable, refundable, or exchangeable.
Charges for Diagnosis, Bicycle Maintenance or repairs are not refundable.