3Sixty Trifold Folding Bike (Premium Gold Series)

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3Sixty Premium Gold Series, Trifold Bicycle Built for Performance:
The 3Sixty folding bicycle is built for performance and speed. It comes with a 53T chainring which gives more speed and performance. Its also comes with the Mid-Riser Handlebar which will also enhance the rider experience when riding long distance with countless benefits.

Its also equipped with KMC gold chain detachable pedals which will helps in shifting and giving the rider a smoother riding experience.

Benefits of Mid-Rider Handle Bar:
All 3Sixty Premium Sports Model only comes with Mid-Riser Handle Bar.

The Mid-Riser Handle Bar is 1cm lower than the standard M Series Handlebar. This gives the rider a more sturdy & stable riding experience with better control. 

Premium models of trifold folding bikes built for performance and long-distance riding are equipped with Mid-Riser Handle Bar.

The Wider stance of this handlebar provides greater steering leverage and a more open, comfortable riding position; Like a Big Bike Feel!

Benefits of KMC Gold Chain:
The KMC Gold chain will give the rider a smoother riding experience. It is lightweight and it will have a better response when the rider wants to accelerate at a faster speed. 

Benefits of Detachable Pedals:
When riding foldable bicycles, experienced riders frequently prefer detachable pedals.
One common limitation of folding pedals is that they may flex when accelerating or climbing, so many experienced riders prefer detachable pedals because it provide a more stable riding experience with more benefits when accelerating or climbing. It is a significant improvement over trifold bicycle folding pedals.


  • Chainring: 53T, 3Sixty Lightweight Chainring
  • Chain: KMC Gold Chain
  • Pedals: Detachable Pedals
  • Handlebar: Mid-Riser Handlebar
  • Speed: 6
    • Internal 3 x 2 External

  • Optional Upgrade to 56T Driveline Chainring
    • The 56T chainring will enable the rider to achieve higher speed as compared to the 53T Chainring.

Available Gold Series Options

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